Van-G Logistics is always looking for qualified employees. Please apply here for dispatch positions.

Van-G Logistics offers its customers transloading including truck to rail and rail to truck service, dry and cold storage, and short haul trucking.  Van-G Logistics is seeking a Dispatcher to supervise and coordinate activities and routing of drivers engaged in transporting different commodities to customers and company locations.

Job Responsibilities:
* Communicate daily with customers, drivers, carriers and internal service representatives to meet transportation needs.
* Record and audit all shipment documents for equipment tracking throughout each state of process from load acceptance to empty.
* Implement and monitor employee procedures (Dispatch Log, Documentation Flow, Procedure follow-up)
* Manage schedule changes and adjust assignments accordingly.
* Maximize and comply with hours of service regulations to allow drivers to increase their revenue by minimizing down time while safely delivering customer freight in a timely manner.
* Maintains strong client relationships.
* Work within guidelines established by DOT and FMCSA in compliance with State and Federal Transportation regulations.
* Coordinates customer needs with other operational unit managers to ensure customer satisfaction.

The ideal candidate will: 
*Possess strong computer skills
* Have the ability to read a map and provide accurate directions.
* Maintain a positive attitude at all times regardless of the circumstances
* Be an innovative problem solver; recognizing customer needs, providing alternatives and implementing alternative solutions.
* Possess strong leadership skills.
* Be able to effectively manage multi-faceted scheduling function.
* Prior dispatch experience necessary.
* A flexible schedule is a must
* Bilingual a plus

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