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Van-G Logistics has the capacity, experience, and know-how to handle any bulk goods and materials. Our expertise with bulk goods makes us a trusted and efficient partner in achieving on-time deliveries for your product.

Van-G Logistics offers all the advantages of shipping and storing in bulk. Bulk goods and materials like aggregate, shredded bark, plastic resin bead, and rock salt can go directly from a hopper car to custom packaging; however, your clients need it.

Van-G Logistics has on-site scales, 72,000 square feet of covered storage, and 260 acres of open storage for your convenience.


If you need transportation and delivery of steel components for the construction of commercial buildings or to forge agricultural machinery parts, Van-G Logistics ensures proper handling and safe transport of all steel products. We utilize both flatbed trailers and vans in addition to rail car transport.

Van-G Logistics provides customers with a fleet of dependable short and long haul capabilities by both rail and box or flat bed truck trailers. When you have steel that needs to get to your customers, we work to serve as an extension of your company saving you time and money.

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