Hazardous Materials

If your business deals with or handles chemicals or hazardous materials, you are aware of how difficult HAZMAT transportation is. It can be hard to find qualified chemical HAZMAT carriers to move your shipments, particularly if your liquid chemical product requires temperature control. Typically, transportation and logistics companies avoid hazardous material and chemical shipments due to increased risk and regulations. Contrary to other businesses within the industry, Van-G Logistics is expanding our HAZMAT services while maintaining all required licensing.

Van-G Logistics offers complete North America coverage by truck and rail from it’s centrally located facilities in Central California. Whether you need reefers, tankers, or other transportation needs, if we can’t do it, then it can’t be done; yet.

Van-G Logistics offers full service cold storage and warehousing that is HAZMAT certified with both truck and rail docks that are along both the BNSF and Union Pacific railroad networks.

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