Food & Produce

California’s San Joaquin Valley is internationally known as one of the world’s most productive and distinctive agricultural regions. Van-G Logistics is located at the center of this agricultural hub and can connect the Valley’s food producers, growers, manufacturers, and processors. We are dedicated to providing effective logistical services that will enable local companies in the food industry to grow their business.

Fresh Food

Van-G Logistics is your one stop shop for transporting and storing fresh foods. The food industry relies heavily on the transportation and logistics industry to get fresh fruit and vegetables from the fields to the market. We offer refrigerated and frozen cold storage facilities and a large network of trucks, trailers and rail service to take your food to your preferred destination. If your business needs require a product to be delivered quickly and in pristine condition, the only company to trust is Van-G Logistics.

Frozen Food

When your food needs to be transported quickly in a temperature-controlled environment, Van-G Logistics is your best choice. Whether you need your food transported by rail and truck or you simply need your frozen foods stored, Van-G Logistics has solutions to streamline your business goals and save you money. Our cold storage includes refrigerated and frozen sections and even features a blast freeze chamber to ensure that arriving items are brought to the desired temperature. We have two chambers that can hold up to 24 pallets each and can take 30,000 pounds from 50 degrees to zero in 18 hours.

Non-Perishable Food

If we can’t do it, then it can’t be done; yet. If you need to transport in bulk or in packages, Van-G Logistics has the experience and equipment to manage your transportation and storage needs.

Van-G Logistics holds certifications for:

  • Federal Distilled Spirits Plant Permit for the Handling and Distributing of pure alcohol.
  • Organic and Kosher Certified
  • USDA Food Grade approved for warehousing and cold storage

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